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What causes the problem of evaporative air cooler not cooling?

What causes the problem of evaporative air cooler not cooling?

31 Oct 2020

What causes the problem of evaporative air cooler not cooling?Besides air conditioning, there are also Siboly air cooling fans in summer, Let’s find the the issues and solution of the air cooler not cooling when it works.

1, the impeller speed is low, the head can not reach

Many customers have just bought submersible pump to start using, found that the actual head does not reach the standard head, measurement found that the speed is low.This situation may be incorrect wiring, it is recommended that the fire line be replaced.It is also possible that the submersible pump is inferior and cannot reach the head.

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2.Weak water outlet and small flow of submersible pump

Take out the submersible pump and check that the rotor is flexible in rotation and can turn when energized.Disassembling the water pump inspection found that the submersible pump lower shaft and bearing between loose, and the rotor moved down, so the rotor rotation weak, small output power.Use the appropriate gasket between the rotor and the bearing to move the rotor up, install and test the machine, the fault can be removed.

3. After electrification, the impeller does not turn

After energizing submersible pump has a buzz, impeller does not turn.Cut off the power supply and move the impeller at the inlet. If it cannot be moved, the rotor is stuck.The submersible pump can be disassembled to check whether the rotor is jammed due to broken ball bearings at the lower end of the rotor;If you can stir the impeller, but after electrification of the impeller.

However, the failure may be caused by severe wear and tear on the bearings, and the magnets generated by the stator when the current is switched on will trap the rotor and prevent it from turning.Replace bearing and reassemble pump, rotate impeller flexibly, troubleshoot.

4, the oil

The oil leakage of submersible pump is mainly caused by the serious wear of the sealing box, resulting in oil leakage in the oil chamber of the sealing box or poor sealing at the outlet box.

When the oil chamber of the sealed box leaks, oil marks can be seen at the inlet joint.There is a refueling hole at the inlet joint. Unscrew the screw and observe whether the oil chamber is flooded.If the oil chamber is flooded, it is sealed badly, the sealing box should be replaced to prevent the oil chamber from being flooded seriously and infiltrating into the motor.If submersible pump cable root.

There is oil phenomenon, belongs to the motor internal oil leakage. Generally, it is caused by poor sealing of sealant stopper or unqualified use of lead wire after rewinding of motor;Some were caused by broken water pump connections.After check and confirm, change the qualified new product.And measure the degree of insulation of the motor, if the insulation is not good should be dealt with in time, at the same time the motor oil replacement.Through the above cooling fan manufacturers of the introduction we can find the solution of the air cooler not cooling.

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